Monday, May 2, 2011

Hindu Samhati Congratulates United States for Stamping Out Laden

Pakistan must be Banished from United Nations

It’s a great victory after all! The most dreaded and wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden has finally been killed on early Monday, May 02, 2011, and the whole credit, in this context, goes to the mightiest special forces of the United States of America. It has come to the knowledge, as from US official statements, the victory was the result of an intense helicopter-borne operation at Abbottabad, close to Islamabad or capital of Pakistan, bringing a more than 10-year long massive manhunt to an end.

What was the role of Pakistan in this case? None wants to depict its own cowardice ever and so Pakistan, in the beginning, tried to show the operation as a joint-exercise under aegis of US and Pakistani administrations. However, any such move was brushed aside by the claims of US. “Bin Laden, 54, is dead and his body is in US custody," President Obama said at half past midnight US time even if the initial story had already been broken by several news channels.

US citizens, overlooking the time and darkness outside, came to the street to celebrate the historic triumph. It was simply astounding to find crowds massing outside White House toning 'USA, USA'

It must be stated at the same instant Osama bin Laden or dreaded Al Qaeda chief was carrying a bounty of $ 25 million. And in this incident, as per fresh news, apart from Laden, two couriers one of whom was his son and the other a woman, apparently used as human shields, were also killed. How long did the operation last? It has been learnt that two US helicopters moved into the compound, where Laden was defended by his faithful and extremist Arab bodyguards, at 1.30 am and 2.00 am. No less than 20 to 25 Navy Seals under the control of the Joint Special Operations Command stormed the compound alongside CIA and took on bin Laden and his men in a firefight. There was a desperate defence as usual, US officials said.

Key officials seized Laden's body following the skirmish and corroborated his identity.

Amongst all these role of Pakistan and its bid to advocate and extend tentacles of Islamic terrorism across the globe have come to fore yet again. Notably high-ranking US officials have explicitly hinted at for months that Pakistani military establishment and its intelligence agency were shrouding Laden.

Last but not least, even if death of Osama bin Laden denotes the end of a chapter, his exponents must also be penalized. Pakistan must be banished from United Nations.

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