Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hindu Temples in United States – best messengers of Dharma

The Woodlands temple depicts essence of Hinduism to all

It is no longer a secret that the dream of founding fathers of modern Hindu movements, especially in the mid 20 th century, is getting true with time – Hinduism is getting prominent in other parts of the globe fast. West that became conscious of Hindu way of life, its fundamental beliefs and practices in early19 th century, has come a long way by now. It, at the moment, has got bored stiff of insensibility and authoritarian principles of other religions and hence, is extending its assistances to uphold Hinduism – religion that speaks of unity, diversity and also of harmony (essential to better humans on earth). The latest specimen of this endeavor is new temple dedicated to serve Hindus living in north Houston.

Houston is the largest city in Texas; positioned in southeastern Texas near the Gulf of Mexico; also site of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It has also been learnt that this temple happens to be the lone one on the north side of the city, on an 8-acre lot along tree-lined Woodlands Parkway. The 10,000-square-foot building consists of an austere stone exterior — to abide by building codes. Well, what makes it most beautiful and also sanctified is that temple is home to the vibrant, flowery worship and ancient deities.

Obviously the next question should be of Hindu population in the vicinity. Reports affirm that The Woodlands is nothing except a thickly populated white-skinned Christian burb. But influx of Indian-American professionals in recent years has added religious miscellany to the entire area. And the administration is certainly helpful. At the moment there is the presence of almost 350 families in the vicinity and documents confirm that 20 to 25 families add to here yearly.

The $3 million temple is serving, at this point in time, Hindus living across Spring, Tomball, Conroe and northern Harris County. Indeed the temple is a great relief for these families as they had to travel to temples in Pearland or Sugar Land. The distance is almost an hour-and-a-half drive each way.

What are the other purposes of the temple other than performing essential rituals? The temple remains a precious resource for community celebrations, religious festivals and other community gatherings. But above all it caters to the needs of all the Hindus in the area, unlike older temples in Houston that concentrate on certain regional traditions.

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