Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hindus must challenge Islamic brutality

An assortment of chronicles have been written on the national independence struggle in India, from 1875 (year of inception of Indian National Congress) to 1947 (marking national independence and also partition of undivided India), against the iniquitous British Empire. What do we get from here? History is confident that India was under the brutal British Raj and had there been no resistance or active struggles, anguishes would have continued.

However, the same notion remains silent of Islamic supremacists’ subjugation and insensate atrocities in India, especially on Hindus, and endeavors lots in making people believe that Hindu-Muslim bonhomie dominated pre-British era. Is this acceptable ever? The answer is simple; if this is considered true, we have to find out a new definition of the word “travesty” then.

Another grave issue, in this regard, must be introspected. Why did Hindus fail altogether to thwart this violent Jihad in India? Were not there competent generals and soldiers among Hindus? Indeed, there were and a great number of them, through exuberance, excellence and valor, have left a perennial impression on history. What has been troubling Hindus then? There is only one difference – theory and execution of violence for expansion is a legitimate or sole policy in Islam while it is an exception, or even aberration, among Hindus. War field is not a bed of roses but a stern field of actions. How can you fight a blood thirsty animal with lack or no conviction? And the same tradition has been going on for more than a millennium.

Has there not been any effort to get rid of this pessimism? Sadly, unlike the field of Dharma, known for innovation or evolution of newer policies frequently, Hindu polity has been remaining stagnant. It has failed to cope with the fast changing reality like Islamic order and has, therefore, suffered defeat outrageously.

Now let’s take note of saga of violence and ruthlessness in the Islamic environment. Mohammed Bin Kashem invaded India in 712 AD but even with small contingents he defeated Hindu ruler Dahir Sen of Sindh decisively. The civil society was also plundered and all these were done for the establishment of an Islamic hegemony in Indian subcontinent. Surja Devi & Parimal Devi, teenaged daughters of Dahir, were sent to Baghdad as bounty to Khalif (civil and religious leader of a Muslim state considered to be a representative of Allah on earth).

During invasion Arab warriors were not accompanied by their women and to avenge this irreparable loss, rape and other forms of tortures were used at random. This also proved to be a good way to teach infidels a lesson once and for all. And from this period India became acquainted with the saga of Islamic brutality. It is worthwhile to mention that Muslims consider non-Muslim properties are BAITUL MAL while women are MALE GANIMAT, indicating dutifully HALAL (legal) for consumption.

But Hindus did not learn anything from this. Hindu defenses, above all their standpoints, in the following ages do reflect the same. Among these Hindu philosophy of tolerance and compassionate behavior plays a substantial role. How can influences of Buddhism be ruled out? Saga of non-violence, emanating from both Hinduism and Buddhism, has inflicted the heaviest blow on Hindu psyche and thousands of such examples can be found these days too.

Nevertheless, Islamic terrorism has changed a lot and sword-wielding Muslim warriors have turned into gun-wielding ones, highly proficient in latest technological applications and munition. Hindus, on the contrary, are in the same position as they were centuries before. Islamic terrorism worldwide is not anything new but finest interpretation of the words expressed by Muhammad, Arab Prophet or written in al-Qur'an.

How can Hindus defeat this demonic force then? After all this is not any video game. They have to imbibe excellence (ruthlessness) of Muslims and overwhelm them in the coming years. There is the necessity of another upheaval among Hindus. Scriptures have got to be interpreted in a new manner; Dharma himsaa tathaiva cha or that righteous violence is also authorized by Hindu Dharma must also be accepted.

Escapism or admission of defeat without struggle leads to destruction only. Hindus, to save own lives and also Dharma, must challenge Islamic terrorism.

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